New: The mysterious envoi



A new audiobook! The sequel to the search for the 24 gems!

In 9 exciting episodes, our 4 friends experience interesting adventures again, this time containing even deeper Christian values.

They are ordered by their king to sail into the unknown south to meet a mysterious envoy there. This is to help them to defeat a dangerous and dark enemy, which threatens the Kingdom.

But before they can reach their destination, they must experience adventures in various fantastic countries and get to the bottom of various secrets.



Listen to: Prolog - a new adventure (only in German)

AUDIO-BOOK: MP3 - download

The mysterious envoi / MP3 - download


  • MP3-download;
  • 10 episodes each lasting 30 minutes on average;
  • Total running time: 4h 49 min
  • Language: German
  • After ordering & prepayment, you will be sent a link that will allow you to download individual episodes or a zip-archive for one week.


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The mysterious envoi / MP3 - CD


  • MP3-CD;
  • 10 epsiodes each lasting 30 minutes on average;
  • Total running time: 4h 49 min
  • Language: German
  • Shipping to: D, A, CH

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The Quest for the 24 gems




Four companions- a jester, a scholar, a commander and a guard- have to retrieve twenty-four gemstones in a kingdom consisting of twelve amazing countries. They need the jewels to help them win an ally against a dangerous enemy. Mysteries, dangers and secrets are overcome by the companions' different characters whereat each of the jewels stand for one important moral value. Only if they apply this value in their search, the treasures can be found.


This audiobook is actually designed as an Advent calendar, but can also be listened to during the year. Every day one of the gems is discovered and these in turn represent important Christian values.


A story takes on average 15 minutes, the total running time is about 6 hours.


Suitable for children over 7 years.



 Listen to: Prolog - the assignment (only in German)

E-BOOK: in PDF-form

The Quest for the 24 Gemstones / e - book



  • E-book in PDF format (Acrobat Reader);
  • formatted as Din A4 page;
  • The story is divided into 24 episodes and is therefore also suitable as an advent calendar.
  • 92 pages;
  • Language: German
  • Only available as download;
  • Payment by credit card (PayPal) or bank transfer;


7,00 €

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AUDIO-BOOK: MP3-download

The Quest for the 24 Gemstones / MP3 - download


  • Audio book, means the book is read by me;
  • Playing time approx. 300 min;
  • Product only available as download;
  • Language: German
  • Payment by credit card (PayPal) or bank account transfer;
  • If you want a CD, please write me using the contact form.

8,00 €

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