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My name is Wolfgang Nilz and I'm a self-trained 3D-Media-Artist. I like heart-freeing stories and love 3D-Graphics - therefore the name 'Free-D'. Enjoy my homepage!

I'm a 3D-generalist, but my favorits are modeling and landscapes. And writing stories - of course! My tools are Zbrush, 3D-Coat, Houdini, Lightwave 3D and Vue.

The Quest for the 24 Gems - A Children's Adventure Story

Four companions – a jester, a scholar, a commander and a guard – have to retrieve twenty four gemstones in a kingdom consisting of twelve amazing counties. They need the jewels to help them to win an ally against a dangerous enemy. Mysteries, dangers and secrets are overcome by the companions’ different characters whereat each of the jewels stands for one important moral value. Only if they apply this value in their search the treasures can be found.



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At the moment there are products in german language only. The e-book has been translated into english already and will be available from  September 2018 on.

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Wisbert: In Arbeit / Work in progress

Nachdem ich mich erst mit der neuen Render-Engine von Lightwave anfreunden musste, habe ich einen ersten Licht-Test des Labor des Gelehrten Wisbert erstellt. Die Einrichtung fehlt natürlich noch, aber Wisbert ist noch beim Überlegen, was er da so alles braucht ;-)


After learning Lightwave's new render-engine I succeded in a first lighting-test of Wisbert's laboratory. The facilities are still missing - as Wisbert is still in the process of thinking what he needs...

Jogodt - Commander of the Army

Als der Anführer des Heeres ist es Jogodt gewohnt, wichtige Entscheidungen zu treffen. Hier sehen wir ihn an der Front zu Mismuhn mit dem Flexrank  - der lebendingen Grenzmauer aus Dorn-Ranken, der unter Beschuss steht.


Als the Leader of the Army Jogodt is used to make important decisions. Here we see him at enemylines at the border to Grottania. In the background you see the flexrank - the living border of thornes - that is under attack.

Bessere Effekte mit Houdini - Better Effects with Houdini

Warum es in den letzten Monaten so still war ...

Why it has been so quiet for the last months ...

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