The Quest for the 24 Gems

A children's adventure story


Four companions- a jester, a scholar, a commander and a guard- have to retrieve twenty-four gemstones in a kingdom consisting of twelve amazing countries. They need the jewels to help them win an ally against a dangerous enemy. Mysteries, dangers and secrets are overcome by the companions' different characters whereat each of the jewels stand for one important moral value. Only if they apply this value in their search, the treasures can be found.

The mysterious envoi

An extension


The extension of the quest for the 24 Gemstones is finally here!


„The kingdom of Twelven should make peace with it’s enemy Grottania!” This is the order of the high-king Livencraft to the king of Twelven. As a help they should meet an envoy by travelling over the sea into the unknown south.

As in the quest for the 24 gemstones the four comrades – a general, a wise-man, a jester and a knight – get the order to find this envoy and guide him to Twelven. This journey leads them through mysterious, strange countries and they must solve some riddles until they achieve their task. A new insidious enemy tries to stop them and is close on their heels.

Despite their diverseness – will they succeed to accomplish their mission? And at all – who is this mysterious envoy? What does he hide?