Storyboard for Episode 1

For the last two weeks I was on a seminar called 'Story-Lab' and developed the storyboard for the first episode

It was a cool seminar with John Nevarez as teacher who worked on Cars 2, Monster University, Toy Story 2, the Kim Possible TV-Show and much more. He drew the storyboard-drawings.

It goes like this: What happened so far: A peaceful kingdom was attacked by a dark and evil king and his army. The good king sent out four of his most trustworthy servants (a jester, a general, a guard and his wise-man) to find 24 gemstones to give them as a tribute for a powerful king in the north to join him into the battle.
As the 4 comrades were riding to the first county of the kingdom - a hot desert - they had some dicussions, because the jester and the wise-man were not use do ride for so long and the general was quite eager to find the first gemstone very quickly. But when they had their first rest for dinner on a camp-fire, everything was peaceful.
The stars blinked in the sky and some of them even moved. Moved?
This were some firy balls shot unto them from the evil army that camped nearby. They seeked shelter in a nearby cave and entered the huge cave-system of this country. Some strange luminescent plants grew on the stones and lit the caves.
As they wandered along they came to a broken stone-arc, working as a bridge.
The guard had a long rope with him because he wanted to tie the horses as they were attacked. So he throw the rope and it wraped around a stalagmit. They swund over the gap and after some hours they discovered the something beneath them:
A big city under the earth!
They were welcomed by the cave-king and showed around. He showed them, that they need to recycle everything, because here in this dry country they don't have do much goods. The jester was astonished and as they were presented the big baquett they made for them they were somehow embarrased.
The generel used the time to ask the king about the gemstone. The king began a long speach - as it was usual in this country, because they are very friendly and diplomatic - but the general wanted quick answers.
So the king again began to describe the way to the gemstone with many words, as the generel interrupted him and commanded the others to follow him - he has heard enough. But the jester was not amused about this rude behaviour and stayed in the city.
The remaining three went along the decribed way deeper down into the earth for many hours and finally they came to a big lake in a huge hall. They found a boat and rowed towards the island as suddenly a big cave-olm appeared and it shook the boat and threw the back to the shore.

Meanwhile in the city they were attacked by a monster-desert-rat. It came from time to time and stole the supplies of the cave-people and frightened them.
As the jester saw the long tail of this huge rat he had an idea.
He teased the rat and made it ran after him. He looked, if it will still be behind him, because it was so fat and it bottom slipped when he canged the direction.
But finally the specific spot was insight! He jumped over the edge of a deep abyss but swung over it on the rope, they have left there!
The rat tried to find a hold but finally fell down the deep abyss.
The cave-people came from their hide-outs and thanked the jester and the king promised him to tell him the whole story about the gemstone. And more than that: He will show him a short-cut by a long slide across the rocks directly to the big lake.

As they arrived their the general was quite surprised that the cave-king still wants to help him. What a friendly person!
They rowed to the island and thistime the king knew how to calm the olm: he shouted in a specifc tone and gave him some goody. The jester told the general: So you see! He is friendly to us although you haven't been patient to him. The general thought about that.
So the olm brought them to the island and the king gave the first gemston - the gemstone of friendliness - to the general.

As they returned safely to the city the general apologised at the king for his inpatience and unfriendliness and promised, he will try better in the future.
And additionally he gave them a clue, where they will probably find the next gemstone - on the hot surface.
The four left the cave, found their horses and rode to their next adventure.

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    Archicgi (Mittwoch, 21 September 2016 14:04)

    Wow... too good !!!

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    ufo3d (Donnerstag, 03 November 2016 14:17)

    Nice work!

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    Wolfgang (Freitag, 04 November 2016 10:47)

    Thank you guys!